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Looking for the right singing course for you? This page lists the pages we've created to showcase each of the programs we have written an in-depth review for recently. The reviews are sorted in order of highest to lowest rating.

Brett Manning's Singing Success Review - 5 Stars
Singing Success is our highest-rated course overall. Thanks to its 6-month money-back guarantee, celebrity artist testimonials, high-quality audio & DVD lessons, and Brett Manning's passion for voice coaching, this course is tough to beat...[Read More]

Singorama Review - 4 Stars
The best 100% digital course on the market, Singorama packs a strong punch for being less than the price of 4-6 half hour lessons with a private teacher: dozens of audio lessons, custom PDF eBooks and entertaining software games are all included...[Read More]

Vocal Release Review - 3.5 Stars
Though Eric really knows his stuff, most of the low ratings for this program come from its poor presentation quality and lack of organization. We don't recommend Vocal Release if you're a complete beginner, but intermediate singers can benefit...[Read More]

Top Singing Lessons Websites:

#1 - Singing Success
#2 - Singorama
#3 - Vocal Release