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Singing Lesson Reviews

Hi! We created this website to help aspiring singers to save time & money while finding the best possible singing lessons for their goals. We provide in-depth, unbiased singing lesson reviews to help you find what you're looking for, quickly and easily. Though we believe taking private lessons is one of the best ways to learn, it's also very expensive!

The courses we review are created by professional voice coaches, but because the lessons are sold online, they can charge a lot less than their $30-$75/hour fees! Want to get started right away? After evaluating the top singing courses, we have created this convenient table to help you compare the most popular singing lessons available, all at once:

Brett Manning's Singing Success Singorama Vocal Release
Overall Rating 9.7/10 8.7/10 6.2/10
Lesson Quality 5 Stars 4.5 Stars 2.5 Stars
Value for Price 5 Stars 4.5 Stars 3.5 Stars
Ease of Use 4.5 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars
Support 5 Stars 4.5 Stars 3.5 Stars
Entertainment 4.5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars
Learn More Read Review Read Review Read Review
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Product 12 CDs, DVD
& Workbook
Audio Lessons,
Software & eBooks
eBook & MP3s
Delivery 2-4 Days Shipped
or Instant Download
Instant (Online) Instant (Online)
Guarantee 6-Month, 100%
60-Day, 100%
60-Day, 100%
Beginner Check Check Check
Intermediate Check Check Check
Advanced Check X X
Lowest Price $199.95 $99.95 $97
Check it out:

Quick Summary - Singing Lesson Reviews:

Here's a brief overview of our findings:

  1. Brett Manning's Singing Success is by far the most popular, and highest-rated voice training course online. It's primarily in CD format, and its DVD and Workbook add even more value to the lessons. Brett is the real deal, teaching stars such as Taylor Swift and Keith Urban, and he offers a 6-month 100% money-back guarantee.

  2. Singorama takes a much different approach than the others: it's completely online. They created over 30 detailed audio lessons (which you can listen to online, or even download to your iPod or burn to a CD), which are well-made. Their software games are helpful for learning the fundamentals, but the course is not as advanced.

  3. Vocal Release is a decent course overall, created by Eric Frey, a professional singing instructor. He knows his stuff for sure, but the lower ratings (from user reviews and ours alike) come mostly from poor presentation. This is a good course for beginner and intermediate singers, but will take more effort to find the gems than the top two.

Because of its incredible 6-month trial and the highest customer satisfaction ratings, "Singing Success" is your best bet. If you'd like to learn more about these singing lessons, please read the reviews below:

Singing Success

5 Stars

Singing Success screenshot

Lesson Quality: 5 Stars
Value for Price: 5 Stars
Ease of Use: 4.5 Stars
Support: 5 Stars
Entertainment: 4.5 Stars

Product 12 CDs, DVD & Workbook
Price: $199.95
Delivery: 2-4 Days or Download
Guarantee: 6-Month Trial

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Highest-Rated Singing Course

Brett Manning's CD, DVD & Workbook program is designed to take a beginner through the entire process of learning to sing, from start to "finish". If you want to master the fundamentals, and gradually progress to more advanced techniques, this is the course for you.

Pros of Singing Success:

  • Very credible teacher (Brett Manning) with a 5-octave range!
  • Well-organized lessons (DVD, 12 CDs & Book)
  • Highest customer satisfaction ratings (6-month guarantee)
  • Wide range of techniques and styles covered
  • Moves at a comfortable pace even for beginners

Cons of Singing Success:

  • One of the more expensive singing courses
  • More audio than video content (12 CDs, 1 DVD)
  • Less focus on specific songs than exercises

Overall, Brett's course is tough to beat for the price. To compare the investment to private singing lessons: you get 17 complete lessons (that you can take over & over again), for $199.95. That's less than $18/lesson (not $30-$75), and you get to keep learning from them!

Ready to take action? Visit the official website to get started on your 6-month trial of Brett Manning's Singing Success:

To learn more, read our full Singing Success review.



4 Stars

Singorama screenshot

Lesson Quality: 4.5 Stars
Value for Price: 4.5 Stars
Ease of Use: 4 Stars
Support: 4.5 Stars
Entertainment: 4 Stars

Product Audio, PDF & Software
Price: $99.95
Delivery: Instant
Guarantee: 60-Day Trial

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Audio, PDF & Software Singing Lessons

Do you prefer to learn on the computer? Some singers we found in our research mentioned how they enjoyed saving money and receiving their lessons instantly online with Singorama.

Here are the Pros to Singorama:

  • At $99.95, it's half the price of physically-shipped options
  • You can access the lessons online right after your purchase
  • The PDF eBooks are very well-written and helpful
  • Lessons are created by knowledgeable singers
  • Software learning games are great tools for beginners

Like with anything, there are some Cons:

  • Singorama does not come with DVDs, CDs or Workbooks
  • Some of the audio tracks have a lower production quality
  • Because it's online, a high-speed connection is recommended

If you have been learning to sing for a while, or have had classical training, this is probably not your best option. However, if you are a complete beginner (or you're looking for your child), Singorama has 100's of lessons and fun software games for a great price.

Need more info to decide?Read our full Singorama review.

Vocal Release Online

3 Stars

Vocal Release screenshot

Lesson Quality: 2.5 Stars
Value for Price: 3.5 Stars
Ease of Use: 4 Stars
Support: 3.5 Stars
Entertainment: 3 Stars

Product eBooks & MP3
Price: $97
Delivery: Instant
Guarantee: 60-Day Trial

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PDF & MP3 Singing Lessons

Through all of our research, we found the majority of customers were somewhat disappointed with Vocal Release...mostly due to its poor presentation. The concepts are solid, but the quality is low.

Here are the Pros to this course:

  • Eric Frey knows a great deal about singing instruction
  • You can download the course instantly after purchasing
  • The price is fantastic relative to DVD singing lessons
  • Support is better than you might expect
  • Covers many very specific, interesting techniques

These are Cons we found with Vocal Release:

  • The material is dry (like a textbook)
  • He no longer offers the 9-CD and 347 pg workbook option
  • Eric's audio recordings suggest he doesn't have good tone
  • The downloaded course is quite large
  • Low overall production quality

While it is lower-quality as Singing Success & Singorama, this course does offer its own unique tips and techniques.

Want to learn more? Please see the complete Vocal Release review.



Although Singing Success is the most expensive course we reviewed, sometimes you get what you pay for, right? In this case, it's true. Brett's program has the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any singing course offered online, and with good reason.

Singorama could be a good investment for the software games and lower price if you are purchasing lessons for a complete beginner, including a child. Overall, Singing Success is #1:


Disclosure: We are an independent team of reviewers, personally evaluating each course you see on this website. Our reviews are unbiased and in-depth. If you purchase lessons through a link on this site, we receive a small commission through referral programs created by the authors. This has no impact on our review, and is only meant to support the creation and improvement of our singing lesson reviews.

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