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We are a team of independent reviewers focused solely on home singing lessons. We have been singing for over 10 years now, and it is our goal to help you find the best singing lessons out there with our in-depth singing lesson reviews.

The best possible option is to get private lessons from a high-priced instructor, but there's just one problem with that: the price is high! So, if you would prefer to get a solid amount of voice training without paying $100's every month, it's best to invest in a home study course that only costs you once.

The reviews on this site focus on these home study courses, and each is an in-depth, unbiased evaluation meant to compare and contrast between the most popular choices for learning to sing from home.

By outlining the pros and the cons, comparing prices and what is included in the lessons, and compiling real customer reviews and feedback into one simple page, it should be easy to select your best option.

Enjoy reading our reviews, and thanks for stopping by! Good luck learning to sing from home...

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